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From Southern Affairs
By Nathan GillProtestors clashed with police in Santiago, Chile on Sept. 29 leaving one officer shot, a socialist senator wounded and over 400 arrested. Chile’s Federation of Union Workers (CUT) called for market reforms, improvements in Santiago’s new public transportation system as well as social and educational reform. The day began at 6am when groups of protestors began forming around the city. By 7:15am a Taxi Union had blocked off Avenida Pajaritos, a major thoroughfare into the city, to protest taxi zone restrictions. After brief skirmishes with police the roads were reopened, but by that point more protests were breaking out across the city. In Plaza Italia, one of the nerve centers of the city, large groups of protestors began forming during the morning rush hour. They were joined by special police force units who lined the street and filmed the crowds, preparing for the inevitable conflict. Being in one of these marches is wild. Police Special Forces lin…

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The site is edited by Nathan Gill, a graduate student in Latin American History researching 21st century South American regional integration at the PUCV, Chile.